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new here 5'2"

So I'm sooo glad I've finally found a community for college students.. with only girls at that.

I'm a sophomore in college.

Height: 5'2"
Highest Weight: 132
Lowest: 110
Current Weight: 122.5
Goal Weight: 115 (for now... I may shoot for 112 depending on how i feel)

Right now I've been listening to these weight loss cds my parents bought.. by this guy named jonny bowden.

a lot of what he says makes sense.
it's a lot like south beach.
eating protein and veggies for the first 2 weeks, and slowly adding those back in.

I havent officially begun it yet. but plan to once I'm living on my own in NJ this summer. I'll be interning in NY so that'll keep me busy and focused. I also got a membership to Crunch Fitness there..
I'm excited.

Lately.. My weight has been hovering between 121 to 122.5 lbs.. and I used to be at like 125 a few weeks ago.. cept I'm not sure I can see a difference really..
I've been working out at least 6 days a week.. burning 500 cals each time.
I dont know.. maybe I just need to be more patient and it'll actually kind of show once I've lost some more weight. Does anyone know why this might be?

anyway, if anyone has some similar stats or just wants a buddy to keep them motivated and vice versa... add me.
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