iwant94lbs (iwant94lbs) wrote in healthy_college,


ok wow so I finally dont have dial up anymore now I have wireless so Ill be updating A LOT!

To be completely honest, having the internet and access to lj and spark people has helped a lot since February. I need the internet. I get more feedback from LJ then just talking to friends and family and I always find myself excited to log onto spark people and livejournal....so I went out today and got a wireless adapter and woohoo Im connected!

The only thing is I dont get a really great connection in my room so I have to either be in the living room or on the outside porch. But whatever at least I have internet...

Im stil l 130. I didnt get to exercise today I had to help my mom with the yard sale at our house....I went to the mall with my friend and got the internet hooked up...its been raining all day so I cant run...and my treadmill is actually outside because I cant fit it in the house....so blah...cant wait for tomorrow to come its supposed to be nice out AND my new rule now is to get up and exercise early in the morning to get it out of the way because the way my mom needs me and with starting work this week Im never gonna have time =)

AND I ate great today!!!<33 woohoo<33

Ill update tomorrow!! xoxo
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